The road where they saw the ‘woman’

Koht: The town where they followed the tracks

Beginers Downfall: The first ramp up area

Corrosion Canyons:
A bone dry harsh nearly uninhabitual place, the recent revoult against settlers
has some native inhabitants looking for desperate measures.
A gyphon is said to guard the marauders, though its rarly seen flying, that may be from its lack of survivors tho.

The Guantlet:
A ‘gauntlet’ in the sense that it us a near non-stop assult on the party, with
prisoners are chained up, waiting for ‘conversions’ will assist adventurer’s with
advice, items or healing surges,
A small, stream coarses throught the middle, the it may look non threatning, the current and the slipperey rocks underneath, make this a very dangerous element. Its a good thing is not very wide, acrobatics could hop it with ease, unfortunatly the half orcs have grown to use it to there advantage, shield bashing foes into it.
-Wolves are tied up by a nearby cave, ready to bite just about anything, even the hand that feeds
can be set free
-Archer can rain down arrows, but are easily taken care of, if they can be hit.
-A scorched line outlines a distinct circle cut off from the rest of the gauntlet.


Iron Gauntlet Gulch Sess